power women

Each of our beautiful Reeper B. Girls represents a different beer type in our Reeper B. range.

We want to share with you how our Reeper B. girls came to life... 


All Reeper B. Girls are original drawings.

We worked together with Rodolfo Reyes from Mexico who is a talented graphic designer and illustrator. His style is innovative and fresh - for us he was the perfect choice to realize our vision. 


From the first drawings to the final girls we went on a creative journey together.

The result is a range of beautiful, strong, sometimes sweet but always assertive women that remind us of the pin-up girls of the 1950s.


Which one is your favourite?




All drawings by (c) Rodolfo Reyes

Co-operation with ondesign from Hamburg

Hamburg creative agency ondesign developed the Reeper B. logo, tagline and can layout. The retro Reeper B. style is fresh and unique. We are extremely happy to have found a partner from Hamburg who understood our vision and was able to create the Reeper B. range in such an innovative way.

In Love with Reeper B. - in Love with German Beer!